Jointly developed by NCPI, MasterCard, and Visa - BharatQR is an integrated payment system that, in simple terms, allows users to transfer their money. It, therefore, facilitates customer to merchant digital payments and transactions. By creating a QR code with the BharatQR, payments and transactions can be completed with just a simple scan.

Make digital transactions easy for your customer by letting them pay you using BharatQR and become a part of the cashless economy. It’s simple, quick, and efficient and ensures transparency in your financial records. And it is also an incredibly secure way of carrying out online financial transactions.

What do you gain as PayZigo Kiosk?

  • Ease of digital payments for customers
  • Transparent financial records
  • Increase footfall
  • Safe method of payment
  • Joining the cashless economy

Become A PayZigo Kiosk And Be A Part Of The Digital & Financial Revolution