Cancellation & Refund Charges:

Our cancellation policy purely works on settlement schedule. irrespective of payment priority, we charge 2.5% flat cancellation & refund charges, when you use our services as registered user.

Cancellation & Refund Terms:

Cancellation is only possible if payment settlement from our payment gateway / bank has not taken place.
Once the settlement has been initiated by our Bankers / Online Payment system, we will not be able to cancel the transaction request.

Terms of Refund Policy

Rules for Refund and Claims

Claims will be settled, and refund will be automated within 5-7 working days of the transaction cancellation. Maximum 5-7 working days is the time frame for the user-initiated refund claims.
In case of system failure or any technical error, automated refund will be initiated by system itself and amount will be credited within 5-7 working day (As per bank).
In worst to worst if you face any problem in getting refund, please share a request on INFO@PAYZIGO.IN or 04035947192. we will surely attend your concerns within shortest possible time.

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